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Science Lab

A well equipped spacious laboratory with working model to develop a scientific tempes charts and specimen. The lab is Student friendly and provides a conductive Environment. It Performs Experimen and work on projects.

Modern Well ventilated laboratory provided with safety device. Astudent friendly lab. All experiment & Project Work Mentioned by Subject Experts

A Laboratory Designed it satisfy the intellectual queries of apparatus using the lab. A well equipped spacious laboratory. All Experiments and projects monitored by Subject Experts.

Psychology Lab

A Psycologist is available to students for consultation on career as problems like lack of confidence, lack of concentration, etc. Students can talk to the psycologist without any hasitation and discuss their problem. it consist of various study material for different psycological test.

Computer Lab

Todays Era is Computer Era. We all know the importance of computers in our daily life almost all the departments are working with the help of computers. a well equipped computer lab with facility of internet is available for the students to make them eligible to handle the computer for their technical development.

Proper consideration is given for the use of ICT while implementing the curriculum. In which student teachers learn working and the use of all the technological aids available in the college. They also learn the skill of handling these equipments and their effective use in teaching learning process. Teacher provides necessary instructions to the students regarding the course content and skills regarding the use of these equipments.

There is provision in the curriculum for imparting computer skills to all the students. By implementing the subject computer education basic computer skills are imparted to the students. They are taught about information technology, internet, e-mail etc. Provision of discipline of computer education and computer application is there in the curriculum and this made the process easier for the institution for making student-teachers aware of the role of ICT in education. In this the students are taught about MS Word, MS Excel, and Power Point Presentation and Application software. Various books on computer education are also available in the library.

Language Lab

The Language Lab comprises Provided Master Consol LLS-200, Student Units with Microphone, Amplifier DPA 770 and SSB 45 (AHUJA) – 2, Head Phone with Volume Control – 22, Class Room Speaker – 1, Wire 7 core shielded, CD’S, Videos, DVD’S related with different Language like Hindi, English and Urdu. In this Lab – 20 Units of student’s teacher can work at a time. Different types or Language Books are available in this language lab.

Objectives of Language Lab:

  • To Prepare the student to take up tests such as TOEFL, GRE, IELTS, NELTS and other foreign University entry eligibility tests.
  • To think and speak in English.
  • To improve phonetic skill.
  • To develop effective communication skill.
  • To develop confidence to carry out a simple conversation.
  • To conduct a focused discussion.
  • To look at issues from a critical perspective.
  • To assess them for their merits and de-merits.
  • To arrive at result based on studies and objective evolution.

Basic Function and Application of Language Console :

  • Accurate Pronunciation
  • Discussion
  • Recording of Students
  • Recording of Sentences
  • The Profession/Teacher can monitor listen any student.
  • Professor/Teacher can transmit his views
  • Individual student can discuss with Professor/teacher through a call request switch
  • Professor/Teacher can communicate simultaneously with all the students or individual students.
  • Pre-recorded language case the can be broadcast to individual
  • Professor can record his/her voice or pronunciation.
  • Attention/Announcement
  • Group-wise announcement

Educational Technology Lab

The educational technology lab is well equipped with all types os multimedia equipments standing from epidiascope to LCD projector, the lab is recently upgraded with the interactive device with wich normal bored can be converted into touch screen. the aspirant teachers are trained to use the multimedia to the smallest hence they can be effective int the class room.

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